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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Pregnancy Stage

First things first. I believe the first "communication" with my child was during pregnancy. I tried to eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and rest adequately to stay in optimal health. In addition, I did what I could to "teach" him about the world, especially to introduce him to his parents :-)

I remember I was taking social dance classes before pregnancy, and was still dancing (yes, turning, spinning etc though a bit clumsy) until I was 3 months pregnant. Of course I don't recommend other mothers-to-be to do the same. But later in my pregnancy I did continue with exercising by attending ante-natal class & doing the exercises recommended.

By the time I was 5 months pregnant, I left my job to have more control over my state of well-being. I remember my first experiences of "teaching" my baby was in listening to classical & soothing music. Other than that, I tried to "talk" to my unborn baby. I would put my hand on my bulge or stroke my belly gently and recite a simple Buddhist scripture (though I'm not a Buddhist). Or I would speak positively to my baby, sing songs etc. All these provided a calm & soothing state of mind for me, which I believe would be passed on to my baby somehow.

As for my short temper, it improved tremendously during my pregnancy. Partly because I was overjoyed to become a mother, mainly because I cautioned myself to curb my negative emotions. I believe a happy mother would give birth to a happy baby who will have a nice temperament and thus easy to manage (this is for my benefit too, haha). Anyway, nothing seemed important enough for me to blow my top when compared to the possible effect on my baby.

I remember the whole process was quite smooth & easy, except for vomitting 2 times & having high blood sugar count once. Though unpleasant, I accepted swollen ankles & mid-night cramps etc as part & parcel of pregnancy.

In essence, I tried to stay healthy both physically and spiritually. And I prepared myself mentally by reading up a lot on pregnancy, child-birth & childcare.

When my son was finally born eight years ago, in 1999, I was overjoyed. But soon faced with the question: what should I teach him? how do I teach him? To be continued......

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