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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm Back! Announcement of 3rd Blog

The 15 days of Chinese New Year celebration has been a busy period, with lots of gatherings & visits, especially because we have many elder relatives in our family, and many friends too of course, haha. Well the busiest time is now over but I realized that while I was away from blogging, many people, even my son (who has just turned 9 years old) have been reading my blogs. That’s nice :-) It’s also a pleasant surprise to learn that more friends have started their own blogs. Wow!

For people who read my blogs, I do hope I can contribute in a positive way somehow. Some friends have excitedly shared with me that they tried my recipes on the cooking-simple-dishes blog. Though I'll try to include as many healthy & nutritious dishes as I can, I would still like to give a gentle reminder to my friends: remember to eat regular & balanced meals containing high nutrition value, and try to avoid (junk) foods that are highly processed, contain additives & colourings, and those that have high fat, sugar & salt content. Remember the food pyramid, and eat more vegetables & fruits, not just “more” in terms of quantity but “more” variety as well, with as many different colours as possible.

As for friends who link to the teach-my-child blog, I hope you are not disappointed as the contents will be mainly on sharing my personal experiences & views in the upbringing of my own child. Anyway I’ve only one child, and my son is still young. There’s a long way to go, and really too early to say if I’ve brought him up well. I’m no guru in child education or development, just a mother who records down her experiences & thoughts, which would invariably include my flaws & limitations as well. In that sense, it is not yet “教子有道”,but just only“育儿经验分享”, though I must say I’m very grateful to my friends for giving me such a high level of recognition. :-)

Today I’ve also started a third blog, with contents on my personal views & encounters in daily life. Do feel free to give me your comments.


很感谢朋友们链接到我的博客,希望我的拙作能起到抛砖引玉之效。不过有一点需要澄清的:teach-my-child blog 只是我在陪孩子成长的过程中,一些个人的看法、经验与体会,因此必然包括我本身的局限;而且我只有一个儿子,年纪尚幼,是否教养得好还言之过早,他日若能成才,也必然是由许多因素促成,绝对不只是我的功劳。朋友们厚爱,把它取名“教子有道”,令我诚惶诚恐,也鞭策我要朝这个方向去努力。

至于cooking-simple-dishes blog, 主要分享平常煮来糊口的小菜,当然没有专业水平,虽然尽量收录比较营养可口的食谱,但由于主要是煮给不太挑食的儿子,因此口味不一定适合所有人,欢迎大家给我一些指点或建议。无论如何,都希望对“吃”有兴趣的朋友们,要注意健康,虽说“病从口入”,幸好“营养”也是“从口入”,要尽量选择营养含量高的食物,多吃不同种类的蔬菜水果,避免高盐高糖高脂肪及“加料”(如颜料及化学成分)的食物。另外还要早睡早起,做适量的运动。



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