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Monday, February 24, 2014

Birthday letter to my son

Dear son, Now that you’re 15 years old, I would like you to meet a very important person. This person will always be there with you throughout the ups and downs in your life. He will laugh together with you, cheer you on, bring you to new heights and achievements, and never forsake you. This person will love you, criticize you, do your work together, learn together, play together, and experience life’s journey together with you. He will take care of you and grow together with you in every aspect, whether physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual. He will do all the work that needs to be done, not because they are necessary chores. Instead, he will enjoy all the work that he has to do, because every action will help nurture you, build you and grow you. So that you will have a strong body, mind and character to take care of more people, contribute to the society, and fulfill your life purpose. Are you ready to meet this person? Now go find a mirror and look. Yes this person is….YOU. Happy Birthday my son! May you always be humble, do your best, and take good care of yourself. I love you :)

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