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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Comparing our kids

Many people have advised against comparing our kids with other kids, including their siblings. I myself refrain from doing that in front of them too. Ah, but in comparing my two kids, I see their individual virtues, which always bring a smile & light up my day.

My son, turning 12 years old this month, has always been the "angel", easy to care for, obedient, gentle, obliging. My daughter, just turned 2 years old less than two months ago, is spontaneous, assertive, responsive, displays her affection readily. Both of them have traits etc in common too, for example, their enthusiasm in "helping out", their love for babies, their intelligence, their fantastic "music sense". Yes they are different & unique individuals, otherwise I wouldn't get to enjoy the "best of both worlds", right?

Haha, I better stop here before I rattle on and brag about them any further. Hmmm, my darlings.

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