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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Do you love your child or are you loving towards your child?

I'm sure all normal parents love their children. But do we always treat our children with love? Do they feel we are loving towards them? Are there times when we get angry or become frustrated? Do we always speak patiently and lovingly to them? Do our children "know" that we love them or really "feel" loved by us?

Do we look at them when they talk to us? Do we make effort to play with them? Do they laugh or sing or appear happy when together with us? Do we respond with kind and encouraging words everyday?

I've been asking myself all those questions. Many people can teach our children knowledge and life skills. But only we as parents can provide the unconditional love of a parent. The first thing I want my children to remember, even after I'm long gone, is my love for them, regardless of their flaws and my flaws.

Our children are not just our responsibilities. They are a product of our love and will flourish with our love.

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